About Los Pueblos

Los Pueblos Community Council
P.O. Box 465
Ribera, New Mexico 87560
(505) 421–2824 or (505) 470-3031

LuciaPresident Lucia Quintana has helped with the administrative projects to form this organization. As a mother of five, she knows the difficulty of commuting 25 miles to Las Vegas or Pecos for her children to participate in athletic activities. She recently returned to college and would love to take classes locally as well as have her children active in local activities.





RichardVice President Richard Rivera has also worked diligently for the past 12 years in creating this organization. He works for the New Mexico Correctional facilities and knows the damaged lives of those youth impaired by substance abuse. His focus for the project has been on the Recreation Park. He has coached the children in the Valley for 25 years, and knows the necessity of having facilities locally to promote these activities. These children would not have to drive 25+ miles to participate in athletics. Richard has 4 daughters and would like to see structured activities made available for them.




Rose    Secretary  Rose Montoya has dedicated her professional career as a teacher at the WLV Valley School for many years and is now teaching at Robertson High School. Rose and her husband John have joined Los Pueblos Community Council to focus on the youth of her community, including their two children. She believes that by helping to ensure that opportunities are available for the younger population in rural communities for furthering their education and having a safe place for extracurricular activities and exercise will inspire children and expand their growth. It is her belief that health, education and respect start at home and she is in the hopes that this project will bring wonderful things to her community for future generations to come.



AngelTreasurer Angel Sandoval has 9 years experience as a bookkeeper. She has 2 young children and wants them to have opportunities that were not available when she and her sisters grew up in the valley. Angel is excited to work with a project that will offer opportunities for youth.  “It’s a long time coming”.  We (the board) share the vision of bringing youth and family together.




Tilly Rivera Advisory Member Tillie Rivera rallied the community and worked to create the San Miguel Senior Center.  She shares her experience at raising money, going door to door for donations, and working with our governing agents to receive grants. She was committed, tenacious and successful at creating a facility that was greatly needed in our community.  Tillie’s desire for her 50+ grandchildren and great grandchildren to have these opportunities for a healthier environment has encouraged us thorough out this project and counseled us on the history of the building.

Gloria Managing Director Gloria Luz Gonzales has worked with the youth in the Valley for over 30 years. As a single mother, she raised 4 teenagers and knows the importance of structured activities, jobs, and education. She has 35 years experience in the business and construction trade, in addition to a deep passion for the youth, whom she calls her “future”. It is her desire to have activities for her grandchildren that were not available when she raised her children in the Valley. She has spent the last 16 years laying the foundation for this project by receiving the deed for this building from various entities, incorporating and receiving a non-profit status for the project, and receiving several grants to help support this project.

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