The Timeline

Ribera Community Cultural Center Timeline

Late 1800s: original building constructed by the Catholic Church.

1927: building burnt down and was rebuilt

1950s: addition added, being used as a school

1978: building discontinued use

1998: Gloria Gonzales starts working towards the vision of a community center and starts trying to untangle all the deeds and paperwork from BLM, San Miguel County, and West Las Vegas School District.

2000-2006: Los Pueblos starts fundraising and receives over $33,000 in private donations from First National Bank, Cornerstones, The Community, raffle fundraisers, and other sources.

2006: Los Pueblos Community Council receives non-profit status from the IRS, receives $25,000 from Don Imus.

2007: Los Pueblos Community Council receives $22,458 from USDA

2008-04-288: Los Pueblos Community Council receives $235,200 from HUD

2008- 12-12: Title for the building is transferred from Los Pueblos Community Council to NM Dept. of Cultural Affairs

2009-09-16: DCA approves purchase order for $593,000 for phase 1 of the project

2009-11-23: Los Pueblos Community Council receives $855,000 from HUD

2010-06-1: We break ground on Phase 1

2011-01-11: Phase 1 complete

2012-02-12: Construction documents for phase 2 completed.

2012-03-18: Public, advertised bid meeting is held for bids on phase 2

2012-03-12: Los Pueblos requests and receives a wage determination from NMDOL

2012-04-9: Sealed bids are due

2012-04-10: Sealed bids are opened at a public meeting.

2012-04-15: Los Pueblos Community Council Board meets and selects New Image Construction as the general contractor for phase 2, and funds from HUD grants are encumbered for construction.

2012-04-22: LPCC is waiting for a buy-back purchase agreement from NM Dept. of Cultural Affairs.

2012-10 -20: Purchased building back from NM Dept. of Cultural Affairs.

2012-11-01: Began construction of Phase 2.

2012-12-12: This phase of Demolition and Framing completed.

2012-01-09: This phase of Concrete, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating completed.

2013-02-12: This phase of Demolition, Concrete, Framing, Roofing Electrical, Plumbing/Heating and Doors/Windows completed.

2013-03-08: This phase of Demolition, Framing, Insulation and Fire protection rough in completed.

2013-04-03: This phase of Demolition, Concrete, Framing, Insulation, Interior and Exterior Plaster, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing/Heating Fire protection rough in.

2013-05-15: This phase of Insulation, Roofing, Electrical, and Doors/Windows completed.

2013-07-13: Installation of vigas.

2013-08-05: Completion of Patio and interior walls

2013-10-14: Completion of septic

2014-01-03: Received Certificate of Occupancy

2014-01-03/ Present: Painting and finishing the interior of building

7-2-15- Present: Members of the community have rented space for various projects and parties and our non profit has hosted numerous fundraising events.
We currently have 2 yoga classes, 2 Tai Chi classes and a dance for exercise class weekly. We are receiving computers and will offer a beginning class in the fall.

We are 97% completed with the interior and exterior of the Center.

Our current projects are: Completing our Commercial with a grand Opening in October, 2016.

We need $7,000.00 to complete our Commercial kitchen.

We are working on Road Maintenance due to the erosion on the hill caused by the heavy rains.

We are also seeking 2 to 4 Partners who will donate $5,000.00 – $10,000.00 for 2 years for operational cost, until the Ribera Community Cultural Center “grow legs”.

We are confident it can be self sustaining through the rental of the Commercial Kitchen, Activity room (has been rented for funerals, Wedding, Bridal, Baby parties), the library has been for a state conference, and the Recreation room has been rented for small private parties, and classes.

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