About the Project

The Youth Are Our Future

Plaque-sideWe have a monument indicating that the Old Ribera School was built or restored in 1927. It educated pre-school through 8th grade until the late 1960s when a consolidated school was built for the entire Valley.  The Public Health Department used it as a “well baby and immunization clinic” in the early 70’s.  The building was used for Head Start classes from 1976-1978, and has been abandoned since then.

We want to bring this historical learning center back to life because we truly believe it will unite the community.  This project originated from the concerns of Las Mujeres del Valle (the women of the valley) for the local youth, and it is our goal is to bring our youth, families, and community together by providing recreation, education and economic development.

Our Mission

We want to create a community cultural center that will provide growth and development opportunities for youth and families in the community, through:

  • Cultural arts, music, and craftsmanship
  • Agricultural skills acquisition and entrepreneurship
  • Economic development activities and job training
  • After school programs and recreation center
  • Computer training
  •  Exercise classes
  • Outdoor recreational park
  • Gathering space for acequia meetings, weddings, celebrations, veterans,   Genealogy Association…and more

Phases of Progress

Phases-sidePhase 1:  Preserve historic Old Ribera School building for future use.
Phase 2:  Renovate building for use as community cultural center.
Phase 3:  Nurture Our Mission by utilizing the resurrected space.

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Donations & Volunteers

Thanks to all those who have provided services and made monetary donations to The Old Ribera School Preservation Project, and to those who have attended meetings and supported our fundraisers. We continue to seek Private Donations for:

* Operational Costs
* Utilities
* Insurance
Keep in mind that we are a nonprofit organization, so your contributions are tax deductible.  We also keep a Volunteers List for you to highlight your skills and talents for use in the project.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please contact us HERE

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